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Competitive Commercial Business Insurance

All Types Businesses insurance, Trades and Occupations

Commercial Business Insurance for the SME

Whether you need Insurance as One man Band Business Working from Home or a Large Commercial Organization, it is important to have the correct Business Insurance to give you the right Financial Protection for you, with your Business Insurance Policy.

Different Trades demand different types of Insurance. Crown Insurance Consultants have over 50 years experience in the Commercial Business Insurance sector. We can offer a range of Competitive Tradesman Liability Insurance Policies to help suit your particular Business. Check out our Cleaning Contractors Liability Insurance.

We have a number of Competitive Insurance schemes for the SME and the following types of Commercial and Professional Businesses.

Working from Home Insurance

Home office or Small Businesses covers all your Business Equipment, Liabilities and Stock.

Tradesman Liability Insurance
Builders, Carpenters, Cleaners, Electricians, Flooring, Gas fitters, Painters Decorators, Plumbers, Consultants,

High Risk Liability Insurance
Roofers, Scaffolds, Welders, Fabricators,   Lift Engineers, Tree Surgeons, Ventilation, Working on Docks and Power Stations, Cleaning Contractors

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Failure to Perform, Liable & Slander. ITConsultants, Accountants, Estate Agents Construction, Design and Build, IFA's

Directors & Officers Insurance
Legal Defense, Damages, Judgments, Expenses Liability Cover for Claims brought upon you.

Manufacturing & Processing Insurance
Engineering, Shoes, Textile, Double Glazing, Bakery, Food, Meat, Printers, Blinds & Upholstery

Entertainment & Leisure Insurance
Amusement Arcades, Bingo, Cinemas, Theatres, Snooker Halls, Sports Clubs, Pubs & Night Clubs

Warehouse & Wholesalers Insurance
Bathrooms, Kitchens, D.I.Y., Electrical Goods, Furniture, General Groceries, Motor Accessories

Cargo & Shipping Insurance

Import and Export Businesses, Manufacturers Shipping Overseas

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Wether you need Commercial Business Insurance for working from home or Insurance for the Office, Shop or Factory, whatever Business Insurance you require, we have the Insurance solution for you.

Crown Insurance Consultants can fill your every Insurance need: Cargo & Shipping Insurance for the Import and Exporting Businesses, Warehouse Insurance for the Wholesalers, Insurance for the Entertainment & Leisure Business, Insurance for the Manufacturing and Processing Businesses, Liability Insurance for Tradesman and High Risk Trades.

Professional Insurance is important for your Business, Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect you and your Business against Errors and Omissions. Directors and Officers Insurance to protect you and any fellow Directors from claims bought against you.

All Commercial Business Insurance policies should come with Public and Employers Liability Insurance Cover. You will of course, if working from a Business Premises need Insurance for the Buildings, Insurance for the Stock and fixtures and fittings and most importantly Insurance for the loss of Business if the Building you occupy suffers a Fire or Flood.

Insurance for the SME can seem daunting, but without having the correct Business Insurance, a catastrophe can turn into a nightmare. You could not only loose your Business but your house also.

Business use of your cars or vans, will also require additional Insurance. Where would you be if a company car or van was involved in an accident.

Whatever your Trade we can offer a Competitive Insurance quote now.

We have Competitive Insurance Schemes

We have vast knowledge of the Insurance market

We have over 50 years of Insurance experience

Commercial Business Insurance/Competitive Business Insurance/Liability Insurance

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