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Competitive Warehouse Insurance - Wholesale Business Insurance

Competitive Warehouse Insurance - Wholesale Business Insurance


Businesses that operate within the Import, Export or General Warehousing and Wholesale Industry or Cash & Carry, Internet Trading type operations will require a full Competitive Commercial Business Insurance Package. A Combined Risk Insurance will give protection for all eventualities.

Wether your Commercial Business is an SME or you are a Large Independent Business we have many Business Insurance schemes to chose from.

Crown Insurance for Competitive Warehouse & Wholesale Insurance. We have Many Products to chose from and years of experienced Insurance knowledge.

For companies that operate within the food industry their Warehouse may have been built using Composite Panels. It is important to tell Insurers of this and what type and age of the panels that are present within the building. Companies that operate using Chilling and Freezing rooms will most probably have a certain amount of Composite Panels, You would be advised to try and identify the specification for Insurance purposes as this will effect any Warehouse Insurance


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Your Warehouse Insurance - Wholesalers Business Insurance includes


Public Liability Insurance
Fixtures & Fittings
Computer Insurance
Product Liability Insurance
Stock Insurance
Building Insurance
Employers Liability Insurance
Contents Insurance
Frozen Food Insurance
Goods in Transit Insurance
Glass Insurance
Business Interruption Insurance


Examples of why Warehouse - Wholesale Insurance is necessary

Public Liability Insurance Covers your Legal Liability to Third parties

Product Liability Insurance Covers you against claims for Sub Standard Products

Employers Liability Insurance Covers your Legal Liability to all your staff

Goods in Transit Insurance Covers against loss to goods whilst being Transported

Buildings, Fixtures & Fittings Insurance Covers loss by Fire, Theft, Flood & Malicious Act

Stock & Contents Insurance Covers loss by Fire, Theft, Flood, Malicious Damage

Glass Insurance Covers loss of glass by any Accidental or Malicious Damage

Computer Insurance Covers loss of Data by Fire, Theft & other Insured Perils

Frozen Food Insurance Covers against loss by Mechanical Breakdown or loss of Services

Business Interruption Insurance in case your business is effected by Fire, Flood


Insurance is necessary to protect you from financial loss caused by Insured perils

Food Wholesalers Insurance/Electric Goods Insurance/Furnature Wholesale Insurance

Stationary Wholesalers Insurance/Confectionery Wholesale Insurance

Cash & Carry Business Insurance/ Trades having Composite Panels