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Your Home is most probably the biggest investment you will make, so it is crucial you have the correct Home Insurance for both your Buildings and Contents.

If you have found that your home is difficult to Insure because it is a Non Standard Construction, it has a Flat Roof, or is of a Wooden Construction, Timber Frame, has Previously Suffered Subsidence or you discovered that your House is in a Flood Plain and you are having difficulties obtaining Home Insurance Quotes or even been Refused House Insurance Go To

For Thatched House Insurance or High Net Worth Home Insurance go to:

It is Very Important you Insure for the correct amount and also select the best cover that suits your needs. You can also select additional cover for your Hobbies, Stamp Collections, Sporting Equipment, Jewellery and Personal Effects in and away from the home. All this is very important to obtain The Best House Insurance Quote.

There is no average Home Contents figure, every home is different. You can select from most Insurers a Cheap House Insurance Quote that gives you a basic cover depending on the number of bedrooms in your home, but will it be the correct Home Insurance Policy for you?

Remember, always Insure for The Replacement Values. Never under value your House and its Contents as this will distort the value of your home and if you suffer a fire or any type of loss it could reduce the amount of your House Insurance Claim.

This property was unoccupied at the time of the fire 2.30 AM.

Luckily the fire brigade were able to quickly attend to the scene.

The last fire officer left the scene just before 3.00 PM. Over 12 Hours to fight a fire and make the property safe.

How to calculate the average rebuild cost for your home

When you get an quote for home insurance you may be asked to specify a rebuild cost for your property. This means the cost to completely rebuild your home, including materials and labour. This will vary according to the size, age and type of property you have. If you recently purchased the property, an up to date rebuild cost will be detailed in the deeds or survey. If you don’t have this information, there are other ways of finding out.

To get a rebuild cost for house insurance, you can either hire a surveyor or use the rebuild calculator below to estimate the average cost of rebuilding your home.

ABI Free Cost Insurance Calculator Here  

For approximately £200, a chartered surveyor will do detailed measurements of your home and then produce a professional rebuilding cost assessment. You could consider employing a surveyor to get the most accurate rebuild cost.

For flats and maisonettes, you could also employ a chartered surveyor. If you have a leasehold, check your contract to see if building insurance is in place.

You can also calculate the rebuild cost by using The Association of British Insurers, which offers free access to their buildings rebuild cost calculator. (above)

You will need to measure all floors in the property (in feet or metres). If each floor is of a different size, these areas will need to be calculated separately. After entering this information and answering other questions, the calculator will produce an approximate rebuild cost.

This rebuild Insurance calculator can be used for:

  • Detached homes
  • Semi-detached homes
  • Terraced homes
  • Detached bungalow
  • Semi-detached bungalow

The guidance figures the rebuild calculator provides are based on specific examples of five different house types of average quality, built using standard construction methods. To ensure your property complies please visit our ABI Cost Calculator.

To obtain the correct value for Re building Insurance Cost of your home, we have added the ABI Guide Calculator Link above to the website. This will help you calculate the up to date Building Value of your House. This calculator is updated regularly using the current costs which is supplied by the BCIS for the Association Of British Insurers.


If you are running your Business from Home most Insurers will refuse to Insure you because House Insurance Contents are regarded as Personal Items not Business Items. Also you will need additional cover, Public Liability, Employers liability, Business Stock & Contents. Further Information: Get a Quote Here

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