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Charity Insurance for all types of Charities, Community Groups & Church Insurance including Buildings, Insurance for Religious Groups & Organisations. We at Crown Insurance Consultants have gained a wide knowledge of Charity and Community Groups requirements by not only placing Insurance for all types of Religious & Charity concerns, but by being involved with a Charity and Community & voluntary Group activities ourselves.

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We at Crown Insurance are delighted to have an association with a specialist Insurer as Ansvar, to help us, provide you, with an excellent selection of Charity Insurance Policies for Church & Mosques, Minibus Insurance, Religious Groups, Community Groups or Charity Groups Insurance.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your Church or Charity is Insured with a Company that is dedicated in designing a range of Excellent Insurance Products for the Church and all Charity, Voluntary and Community Groups. Quote & Buy online Here

We also have excellent facilities for Church Building Insurance or Mosques Insurance where Buildings used for Religious Worship may not been specifically built for the purpose but converted for the use. We can in many cases offer Insurance for these Places of Worship regardless of the Religion.

For those charities and Voluntary Groups that have their own transport we can quote for your Charity Group or Community Group Minibus Insurance. Please download form and complete, fax or email to ourselves. Or you may just prefer to telephone us on : 01784 461131

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The number of community groups is growing as local residents get together to help keep Communities a safer and better place. At Crown Insurance Consultants we strive to help Community and Charity Groups obtain the Best Group Insurance so they can make sure they are properly protected at all times. The current Government's thinking is to offer local communities the opportunity to do things for themselves, rather than BIG Government.

Community, Voluntary and Charity Groups are essentially Non Profit Organisations and are run and managed with the aim of making a specific community a better place to live. This means that money is often tight and therefore essential purchases like Insurance need to be kept to an absolute minimum. This does not however mean that a Community Group should assume the cheapest is best, as getting the Insurance Cover they actually need, is the most important thing. So with to get the right but affordable Community or Charity Group Insurance what do groups need to do to make sure they get the right cover needed, at a price that is right. Did you also know that Charity & Community Groups get Cheaper Mini Bus Insurance

Firstly, make sure you understand what cover you actually need. As someone not working in insurance this is not always the easiest thing to establish, so you could do this by actually getting in touch with an Insurance Broker that deals in this type of Insurance who should be able to point you in the right direction. If you are not sure what you need, find a specialist and ask them for their expert opinion. If you choose the right Insurance Company, they should be able to tell you what you need, what you do not need and they should be able to give you an indication of what level of premium you might expect to pay.

The internet has changed how insurance is sourced and purchased, so to find yourselves a Community Group Insurance expert or an Insurance Broker who offers Charity Insurance or any other specific type of insurance provider. Simply get access to a computer, visit a search engine like Bing, Yahoo, Google or others and type in the sort of insurance you are after. For Example type, Community Group Insurance and you will be presented by a list of companies who offer exactly what you are after, normally Crown Insurance Consultants are on page one on most sites, however you can ring them on 01784 436 262 for personal attention by one of their experts who, also by chance is a Chairman of a Local Charity Community Group

The final thing when looking to buy Community Group Insurance is to make sure the company you do opt for is someone you are happy to look after your groups cover. The truth is we all prefer to do business with people we like and who we have a rapport with. If you ring a company up and get on well with the person you are speaking with and they give you good advice and are keen to help you then there is every chance you will deal with them providing they obtain a competitive premium and the right cover for you.

For any Group looking to make a positive change to their Village, Town or project, getting the right level of Community Group Insurance is vital. Contact Crown Insurance Consultants and you and your group could get the Best Insurance Protection and peace of mind you need for less.


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