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Public & Employers Liability Insurance for all types of Tradesman. Whether you are seeking Self Employed Liability Insurance for the Construction and Building Trade, a Consultant and need Public Liability Insurance for work away from your base. We at Crown Insurance have many SME Business Liability Insurance schemes to chose from to help give you the best Competitive Tradesman Liability Insurance Policy for your Business.

We can now offer Professional Indemnity Insurance cover on Electrical Contractors and Lift Engineers Public Liability insurance policies with very Competitive Premiums.

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There are hundreds more Self Employed Tradesman we can quote cheaper Public Liability Insurance for Please complete our online form or call us for a Competitive Liability Insurance Quotation. Ideal for the Small Business or even large.


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If you are Self Employed Tradesman or run a Small Limited Liability Business, you need the protection of Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance if you have one or more Employees.

Tradesman Liability Insurance /Electricians Liability Insurance /Carpenters Liability Insurance

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Why does your Business require Public & Employers Liability Insurance

Tradesman Public Liability Insurance is a necessity when Contracted to work at other peoples homes or premises. It is Insurance that gives you Legal Liability against any damage or Injury caused to people or their property. Levels of Liability Insurance will vary depending on where and which type of work you are doing. If you are working in or around an expensive home £1Million Public Liability mat not be sufficient in the event of a mishap. Some Local Authorities may request you to have £5 Million Public Liability Insurance cover or even £10 Million Public Liability Insurance for just a small job.

Employers Liability Insurance Covers your Statutory requirement to anybody who is working for you. Where you are in charge of a contract and you are responsible for Health & Safety or setting up a job for somebody else to work under your instructions, and an unforeseen accident happens, like a ladder breaking, you could be held responsible and become Liable for all manner of compensation which could run into Thousands if not Millions of pounds.

Tools of the Trade Insurance Some Insurance Companies have a facility on their Insurance Policy to add Tools. The level of Insurance cover varies but mostly the cover is for Hand Tools only. Insurance becomes inoperable if tools are left unattended or left in the back of a van overnight.

Professional Indemnity Insurance We are now in some cases able to combine a small level of Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for certain trades within the Public Liability Insurance Policy. Please do not hesitate to contact us to see if you qualify for this valuable low cost additional Insurance cover.

Tradesman Liability Insurance /Electricians Liability Insurance/Carpenters Liability Insurance

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Cheap Tradesmans Public Liability Insurance


Public Liability If you are a self-employed tradesman then Public Liability is a must. Why it is not a compulsory insurance cover, such as Employers Liability Insurance, is a mystery. However a Liability Insurance Policy will protect you and your business against claims from third party injury or third party property damage.

If your business employs staff then you must have the Employers Liability Insurance which is mandatory by law. Many individual sole traders and businesses have the Public Liability insurance cover as part of a packaged policy. For example a shopkeeper will usually take a packaged policy that covers the buildings, contents, fixtures & fixtures and which includes both the Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance in the single policy.

For a single tradesman such as a one person, General Builder, Plumber, Heating Engineer, Carpenter and many non Building Trades, you can take out the Public Liability insurance cover in isolation. Public Liability Insurance is usually available for limits of £1Million, £2Million or £5 Million. Larger sum insured can be catered for, known as Excess Layer for the High Risk Liability Trades. This type of Liability Insurance will usually require a call the insurance broker to arrange a separate Excess Layer of Public Liability Insurance .

You may well consider an option to cover your business tools. This will initiate an additional premium but can be included under your Self Employed Public Liability Insurance Policy. Some Public Liability Policies may have additional optional extra covers  such as Personal Accident and Legal Expenses Policy and of course Employers Liability Insurance if you have somebody working for you even on a temporary basis.

People seeking SME Business Insurance such as Shops, Offices, Pubs, Hotels should ideally look for either a packaged policy a commercial combined policy that will also include the Public and Employers Liability Insurance within the overall package.

Most self employed tradesmen should ideally have some form of insurance in place to protect their business, including Public Liability and even tools cover.

An important thing to note is that sometime the cheapest is not necessarily the best cover or it may not even fit your requirements. Make sure you understand, what you are purchasing meets all your needs. You certainly do not want to find out at the claim stage that the public liability insurance policy you have taken out does not cover you.

Crown Insurance Consultants have many Insurers for Public & Employers Liability Insurance for Businesses and the Self-Employed Tradesman.