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High Risk Liability Insurance / Excess Layer Liability Insurance


High Risk Public & Employers Liability Insurance is regarded as work being carried out at a greater Height with or without Heat like Roofers, Scaffolders, Lift Engineers or Welders and Fabricators. These types of trades usually require higher Liability Insurance arrangements due to the type of contracts undertaken. Also the levels of Public Liability Cover demanded are likely to be more critical than normal trades. We can offer over £10 Million for Public Liability in most cases. Should your current High Risk Liability Insurance Policy not have a sufficient level of Liability Insurance cover, we can offer additional levels of Insurance to top up your existing Liability Insurance. This process is known as Excess Layer Insurance and is becoming increasingly more widely requested by main contractors and High Risk Industries.


General Liability Insurance for work at Airports, Docksides, Railways, Power Stations, and most Underground Installations, may not only need a Larger Indemnity for Public Liability but also additional conditions and warranties could apply for the Higher Risk Liability Contracts. Please contact us with details of your High Risk Job Sites

Contracts. A good Company Health and Safety Policy is a factor that will persuade an Insurer to look more favourably your High Risk Liability Insurance Premium. Do you carry out Risk Assessments, do you have regular checks carried out on your Plant and Machinery. All types of questions have to be suitably answered to play a part in obtaining a Competitive High Risk Liability Insurance Quote. In many cases it can also Gain or Cement a long Standing Valuable Contract.         

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