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Cheap Learner Driver Car Insurance



Just Learning to Drive?? Check out our Flexible Short Term, Low Cost Learner Driver Car Insurance Scheme. Drive Family and Friends Cars without Risk to their our own Car.

This scheme is ideal for the provisional Licence holder who wish to learn whilst driving other peoples cars.


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Flexible Cheap Short Term Learner Car Insurance

Drive Mum or Dad's or Grandparents Car Cheaply with your own Insurance

Cheap Learner Driver Car Insurance

Provisional Car Drivers Insurance Scheme


 If you’re a learner driver, one thing you need to take care of before you even get into the drivers seat for the first time, is learner driver insurance. You cannot legally drive a vehicle for any reason without it – and as a new driver, you’re going to have the protection anyway, for other people on the road, or your passengers.

Why in fact have your own car, why not drive mums car or dads car!! You can on your own Insurance, to the Get a quote now and see for your self

Looking for learner driver insurance may sound fun but difficult, but it’s really quite simple. There are three main types of coverage you can select from. From cheapest to most expensive they are Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Fully Comprehensive Insurance.

Types of Cover

  • Third Party insurance is the least expensive type you can get away with, but it also offers the least protection. Third Party insurance only covers damage to the cars of other people and people other than you (your own passengers, other people in other vehicles). This insurance does not cover damage to you or your own vehicle.

  • Third Party Fire and Theft only costs a little more than basic Third Party insurance. With this you get the same coverage offered by Third Party along with additional coverage for fire or theft of your own vehicle. A lot of learner drivers opt for this plan since it offers a fast way to build up your No Claims Bonus, enabling you to get cheaper rates for Fully Comprehensive Insurance later.

  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance is the most expensive type of insurance, but also the most complete package. This type of insurance covers everything in the other two policy types but also adds to that coverage yourself and your own car. FCI is pretty expensive for a learner driver – after you’ve had your full licence for two years, you’ll qualify for much lower rates, especially if you qualify for the No Claims Bonus.

Learner Driver insurance is high because the statistics (and common sense) tell us that new male drivers are far more likely to get into accidents than experienced male drivers. If you have a good driving record though your rates will eventually go down once you’re fully licensed. Here are some other tips to lower your insurance rates:

  • If you’ve already passed the standard driving test, you can take the Pass Plus exam. Dozens of insurance companies offer a discount to drivers who have taken Pass Plus, sometimes saving young drivers hundreds of pounds a year!